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Silk - Snow Flower by Tunglskin Silk - Snow Flower :icontunglskin:Tunglskin 7 0 Silk - Energy storage seal by Tunglskin Silk - Energy storage seal :icontunglskin:Tunglskin 7 1
Azrael - Reference and Information Sheet
Name: Azrael
Code Name: Caim
Member of the Grim Incarnation
> Member of the High Council
> Head of the Healers of the Sorcery Division

Age: 24 (at 'death') 8,031 (actual age)
Height: 5'11”
Weight: 165
Body Type: Skinny
Hair Color: White
Hair Length: Neck-length
Hair Type: Straight
Eye color: Sky blue
Skin: Pale
Likes: Healing, books, intelligent conversations, science, learning, tea, fruits, music;; Aegis, Tsukaea, Agarath, Khrai;; magic, staffs
Dislikes: Killing, stupidity, arrogance, loud people, meat;; enemies of the Grim Incarnation;; melee fighting
General Weapon/Combat Details:
> Master of Illusionary Magic
> Advanced user of Holy Magic
> Limited skill with Elemental Magic
Special Weapons/Attacks:
> Sanctus is the name of Azrael's staff. It's a holy staff he received as a welcome gift when he joined
:icontunglskin:Tunglskin 2 0
Tsukaea, The Overseer - Reference Sheet
Given Title and Name: The Overseer, Tsukaea
Member of the High Council of the Gods
> Primary Commander of Sorcery and Magic
Member of the Unseeing Eyes
>Inheritor of the Oversight of the Elusive Arts
Member of the Grim Incarnation
>Honorary Supreme Commander of the Grim Incarnation

Age: 20finte
Height: 5'7”
Weight: x
Body Type: Slender
Hair Color: Dark, dull blue
Hair Length: Mid-back length, layered
Hair Type: Messy, layered
Eye color: Bright violet
Skin: Very pale
Likes: Sweet things, cats, literature/music/art, writing/singing/drawing, language, other crafts and craft-related topics;; the Gods/Goddesses of Sleep, Death, Fire, and Craft, Khrai, Saeka, Isolde;; the Craft, fire-based spellwork, sleep-based spellwork, art-based spellwork, guns;;
Dislikes: Ignorance and stupidity, spicy things, hot temperatures (in any and all forms),
General Weapon/Combat Details:
:icontunglskin:Tunglskin 2 0
Silk - Ice Glyph: Blizzard by Tunglskin Silk - Ice Glyph: Blizzard :icontunglskin:Tunglskin 7 0
Rillith Blows up Central HQ
Tulvir glanced around his office, worried. There wasn't anything wrong, really; no one was attacking, none of the Devils had broken free of their seals, and the Mardukans were staying quiet. There was really nothing interesting for him to do, which was why he was doing the paperwork he normally doled out to his many secretaries. Everything was painfully peaceful and quiet, for once.
No, with all this peace and quiet, Tulvir was only worried about the Assassin Division's activities... or lack thereof.
The assassins had shut themselves away in their corner of the campus. No one had seen them, not even Saeka, who often spent her time wandering around the tunnels that the Assassin Division had made on their own, without any permission from anyone.
Anyone else might think nothing of "missing assassins" (he was sure Saeka had been lying to him), and go about their daily business. Tulvir, however, was the founder and head of the Grim Incarnation, and he had known Rillith for many, many centur
:icontunglskin:Tunglskin 1 0
Yanderux vs. Team OMEGA, and Tsukaea PREVIEW
"Shit," Tsukaea swore loudly as she threw herself away from her desk. She'd knocked over her coffee mug and spilled the hot liquid all over her desk. Quickly, she used her magic to clean up the mess, sucking the coffee out of everything it was spilled onto and replacing it in the mug. It wasn't full of dirtiness, but she didn't want to drink it down.
"That's crap," she muttered, picking up the mug. She leaned over her desk, pushing open the window that sat over it and dumping her coffee into the vast darkness that was the pocket realm holding her office. She sat back down, returning to her work. Tulvir' Seal, which was almost as old as he was, had begun to fray at the edges.
Yanderux, the eldest of the three Titans of Destruction sealed away within Tulvir, spent a lot of his time trying to break the seal that restrained him. Elthek, the youngest, would rampage around and do much the same when he was angered by someone or something. Akreluto, the middle child, was the only one who didn'
:icontunglskin:Tunglskin 1 0
Silk - Time Bomb by Tunglskin Silk - Time Bomb :icontunglskin:Tunglskin 2 0 Silk - Barrier by Tunglskin Silk - Barrier :icontunglskin:Tunglskin 1 0 Neonflames - Elemental Annihilation by Tunglskin Neonflames - Elemental Annihilation :icontunglskin:Tunglskin 4 0 Neonflames - Berserk by Tunglskin Neonflames - Berserk :icontunglskin:Tunglskin 2 0 Silk - Sealed Energy Bomb by Tunglskin Silk - Sealed Energy Bomb :icontunglskin:Tunglskin 1 0 Silk - Aeolus' Blossom by Tunglskin Silk - Aeolus' Blossom :icontunglskin:Tunglskin 2 0 Silk - Vulcan's Blossom by Tunglskin Silk - Vulcan's Blossom :icontunglskin:Tunglskin 1 0 Silk - Neptune's Blossom by Tunglskin Silk - Neptune's Blossom :icontunglskin:Tunglskin 3 0
Alysigga vs. Tulvir PREVIEW
It was going to be an excellent day. The sun was shining, the sky was clear, the grass had never been greener... Heck, it was a Saturday. There was nothing that could possibly get in the way of Tulvir enjoying such a fine afternoon.
"Defender-sama!" An unfamiliar voice with a very familiar accent caught his attention. Ah yes, something that was going to get in the way of his fine afternoon. Of course.
So much for biking down Mt. Everest on a tricycle... Tulvir thought dryly, turning around to see who was calling him.
"Hmm?" He looked the courier in the eye, failing to hide that he was bothered by the interruption.
"I am sorry to bother you," the young man said sheepishly, emphasizing how poorly Tulvir had masked his emotions. He really needed to work on that, "Amaterasu-sama sent me to tell you that she wants to see you - it is really urgent, so please come quickly." He looked like he'd been running around all day looking for Tulvir - and it was possible that he had been.
:icontunglskin:Tunglskin 1 0


Weekly Doodles - HUZZAH! by RandoWis Weekly Doodles - HUZZAH! :iconrandowis:RandoWis 275 17 The unforgettable battle 2015 by kawacy The unforgettable battle 2015 :iconkawacy:kawacy 9,887 319 Collection of Gifts by 5tar-Dust Collection of Gifts :icon5tar-dust:5tar-Dust 6 13 BeaconStrips: Cinder Who? by JumpinJammies BeaconStrips: Cinder Who? :iconjumpinjammies:JumpinJammies 1,031 219 Wreakin Havoc !~ by ApieArtsu Wreakin Havoc !~ :iconapieartsu:ApieArtsu 2 0 Fuck You No Jutsu by moni158 Fuck You No Jutsu :iconmoni158:moni158 3,401 145 That unforgettable battle by kawacy That unforgettable battle :iconkawacy:kawacy 17,746 804 OC MEME 3 by Ruedefaux OC MEME 3 :iconruedefaux:Ruedefaux 20 45 SCP-953 by cocoy1232 SCP-953 :iconcocoy1232:cocoy1232 47 243 Legendary Llamas by Unreal-Forever Legendary Llamas :iconunreal-forever:Unreal-Forever 914 584 Mediating Your Worries Away by blackjoker013 Mediating Your Worries Away :iconblackjoker013:blackjoker013 55 3 Angel priest underground city by meniusalau Angel priest underground city :iconmeniusalau:meniusalau 4,517 106 Epic Battle by toshmr Epic Battle :icontoshmr:toshmr 87 16 Crysis - Game Environment - 06 by MadMaximus83 Crysis - Game Environment - 06 :iconmadmaximus83:MadMaximus83 1,849 160 Assassin's Crysis: Human Retribution by lonefirewarrior Assassin's Crysis: Human Retribution :iconlonefirewarrior:lonefirewarrior 2,861 598 Ghostmane by SamwiseDidier Ghostmane :iconsamwisedidier:SamwiseDidier 1,459 144



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Something witty.
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I'm a young artist who uploads art simply for the hell of it. I post art at random, whenever I get bored and decide to play around with one of the two art generators I found online. The picture above is a picture of my OC Tulvir, drawn by sister :iconkreneerivers:.
Also, if I give you a llama, don't thank me here on my page. Just thank me by giving me one in return. Comments thanking me for llamas or watches will be removed, as I would prefer it if people instead returned the favor and used the comment box to talk to me instead.
  • Listening to: Nitro Fun - Final Boss
  • Reading: My computer screen
  • Watching: My computer screen
  • Playing: Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Nothing
A little something I yoinked off :iconpikachuluv22: because why not. Also to reassure the 2 people watching me that I'm not dead, just haven't been in the mood to make art lately.

5 Things about myself:
  1. I'm a gamer
  2. I'm lazy.
  3. I get bored easily. 
  4. I'm extremely shy
  5. I hate a lot of people, and like very few people.


1. You're in a forest in broad daylight, and you see Slenderman! What do you do? 

Flee while keeping my eyes on him, and commit suicide once I'm in a good hiding spot. I know the legends and stories about him, I know escape is impossible, and I don't want to know what he does to his victims.

2. If you have to kill someone, who and how?

I'd answer this, but I don't want to scar anyone for life. As for who, that is very personal.

3. What was the strangest thing you have ever eaten?


4. What was the nicest thing you have ever done?

Provided comfort for other people even when I was at my emotional lowest.

5. Is there something you despise? 

People who betray my trust.


Silk - Snow Flower
A rare snow flower, contained in several seals to keep it from melting. Snow flowers, like fire flowers, are highly sought after for their beauty, and their abilities to serve as energy storage devices. They also cool the air around them, making them very useful for keep rooms cool.
This was made using Silk, which was made by Yuri Vishnevski, with sound and music from Matt Jarvis.
Also, I would like to apologize to the 4 people who watch me for going inactive for so long. I recently moved to a new state, and my mom has been pressuring me to get a job, so I've been rather busy lately. I'll try to be more active and post art more often.


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